Cassandra Phillips: Scenic Artist
Streetcar is really coming together in our shop.  We've seen the wallpaper go up, the plumming and waterworks being put in, grand spiral staircases, and even a real claw-foot tub.   Last but certainly not least, the biggest scenic element to this show has been completed and is being installed.  The detailed window was quite a process, but with Thayne and Amanda on the job, it was cake.  

In a previous episode, we showed you how we projected the design onto the paper covering the plexi and then cut them out as in the picture at left.  


The picture at right shows the painted plexi as the frisket is removed by lead scenic artist, Thayne Abraham.  


Next an ombre was applied to the remaining clear window to give partial privacy down below. 

Now, the carpenters work to frame and gasket the window as well as rig the water effects.  

Here, our scenic technology intern, Alex displays the bottom section of the window, completed and framed and put on a cart to go to the theater!



Reid Arthur
04/22/2013 9:00pm

Love your blog! I'm pretty sure I check it every day for updates! As an aspiring scenic designer, I have an enjoyed learning all the tricks of the trade that you share.

Keep up the good work!


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Cassandra Phillips: Scenic Artist